About Us

Bringing a Customized Marketing Solution to the Danbury CT, Brewster, NY Area

For many businesses these days, keeping an internal marketing department has proven to be quite costly.  As technology shows us every day how it continues to be of even further use to us, we find ourselves leveraging the expenses of actually running a full marketing campaign with that of running an in-house marketing team.

Paloma W. Domenico

Paloma W. Domenico, Owner

The Factors of M is a Marketing Management Strategy and Consultation Services company that is uniquely qualified to help in these demanding situations.  The owner, Paloma W. Domenico has over a decade of experience in Management and Direct Marketing techniques.  Her experience includes 7 years of International Corporate Marketing and Advertising in over 40 countries.  She also has over 13 years in Management expertise in both small business and international corporate settings.  Paloma is multilingual including English, Portuguese, and Spanish, and has worked with the design and translation of marketing collateral in several other languages.

Services offered include but are not limited to Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Copywriting, Public Relations, Advertising Design, Website Design, SEO, SEM, Mailers, Email Marketing, and much, much more!